Thursday, October 15, 2009

Villars-Santenoge ...

... It stands on a meadow in the heart of
the French countryside in Langres Champagne ...

... The Red Cube / Le Carré Rouge (1997)
by Gloria Friedmann
Born in 1950 in Kronach, Germany.
Lives and works in Aignay le Duc, France ...

... No water, no electricity, no room service –
just concrete, brick, glass and wood.
Yet Le Carré Rouge –a country escape
for die-hard modernists – is about
the best deal
you’ll find in France,
costing €120 for a weekend
(and €30 a night thereafter) and

sleeping six.

This simple little cube in fire-engine red
is plonked in a rough field of grass
in the rural
Haute-Marne, a three-hour drive from Paris.

Its one double-height wallof glass overlooks a large pond,
bringing you in close contact with the isolated valley.
Conceived by German artist Gloria Friedmann, who has been
living in France
since 1977, Le Carré Rouge was constructed
in 1997 by French architect Adelfo
It’s like living in a Whiteread installation in
a Technicolor dream – but
what a place for a love nest.
Upstairs there are futon-style beds; downstairs,

a simple wooden table with benches and
a wood-burning stove.

Seven nights, from €270 (sleeps six).