Friday, October 16, 2009

Essarois ...

... renaissance entrance gate with statue of St Bernard ...

... route Mathey 8 april 1918 ...

... The Abbey, secluded in a valley, lost in the heart
of the forest of Chatillon-sur-Seine ...

The Priory of the Val des Choues took part in the large
religious movements of the Occident in the 11th and 12th c.

The creation was recognized by Rome by a decree of Pope
Innocent III and was the work of the Duke of Burgundy,
owner at this time of the entire forest.

This new independent order, the “Order of the Val des
Choues” was inspired by Cistercian and Carthusian rules
and gave birth to new priories in France and
also throughout Spain and Scotland.

Later in the XVII century, all priories had to be attached
to the Cistercian Order to survive. The Priory of the Val
des Choues took the name of Abbey which is a term more
commonly used by Cistercians.

Today, few remains of the original buildings
since the revolution destroyed most of them.
The remains were later used as a stone quarry.

The actual building belonged to the lay brothers
and was an annex of the Abbey

Since 1990, the Abbey of the Val des Choues opened
its doors to the public and converted the buildings having
survived the revolution into galleries, exhibitions rooms
and museums based on the theme of Hunt and Nature.

The old monks gardens, located downstream of
the pool, are nowa beautiful garden.

There is a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere,
which calls for a long walk in the garden, whose
character is nevertheless simple and a bit austere,
as was the monastic life.

The plans of the garden had been inspired by the old
lithographs of the Abbey, dating from the 18th century.

This garden won in 1993, the first prize of parks and gardens
in Burgundy, which enabled the creation of a second garden,
bearings, upstream of this beautiful pool.


abbaye du Val des Choues ... (FR)
... est située au cœur de la forêt châtillonnaise ...