Friday, October 23, 2009

Dijon #1

... Place de la République
Monument of President Sadi Carnot (1899)
by Paul Jean-Baptiste Gasq (1860 - 1944)
in collaboration with Mathurin Moreau (1822-1912) ...

Marie François Sadi Carnot ... (1837 – 1894)
... was a French statesman, the fourth president
of the Third French Republic.
He served as the President of France from 1887
until his assassination in 1894 ...

... Maison des Cariatides. Built for the Pouffier family,
rich coppersmiths,
at the beginning of the 17C.
The term, atlas and caryatid decorations are
in the tradition of Hugues Sambin ...

... Au Sablier - rue Auguste Comte
Watch and clock repairer ...

... Antiques Galeries des Trois Pignons ...

... Rue Verrerie ...

... Hôtel de Vogüé - Built in about 1614 for Etienne
Bouhier, Counsellor to the Burgundian Parliament.

One of the finest 17C parliamentary mansions to be
found in France. Majestic porch accentuated by bosses

leading onto a courtyard with sculpted portico. The classic,
balanced conception of the edifice is combined all
the decorative sophistication of the Italian Renaissance ...

... Maison Millière
One of those interesting medieval houses

rubbing shoulders with the later town mansions.
Built in 1483 for the merchant Guillaume Millière.
It was restored in the early years of the 20C and
served as a setting for the film Cyrano de Bergerac

... The Gargoyles on Notre Dame de Dijon (1230 - 1250)
It has a remarkable façade with its triple row of
false gargoyles framing slender arcatures.

... On top of the church, the Jacquemart clock has been
telling the time since 1383: the figure of Jacquemart and
the clock were brought back as spoils of war
from the watchtower of Courtrai by Philippe le Hardi ...