Thursday, October 8, 2009

Balesmes ...

... on the edge of the Langres plateau,
wells the longest tributary river of France ....

... under a modest porch built in 1877, springs
the Marne river.
Its water comes from a network of
active karstic galleries
partially explored by speleologists.
The outlet of the subterranean river
is now hidden
by rubbles covering the foot of the Bajocian cliff.

Recent infiltration galleries (1956) made it possible
to harness the stream
flowing under the scree
to supply the village of Balesmes with drinking water ...

source: infoboard

... the spring in 1912 ...

... The Marne, which is some 500 km long, rises in
the Marnotte Cirque, at Balesmes-sur-Marne.
It flows into the Seine, after having run for a quarter of
its total length through Haute-Marne and crossed five
departments. This source is adjacent to another
natural site: Sabinus Cave, named after a Gaulish chief,
who took refuge in the cave after fighting the Romans.
This legendary site offers a wonderful panorama,
and foot paths lead from the rocks to the sources.

Marne river ... (EN)
... is 514 kilometres (319 mi) long ...