Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aujeurres ...

... a strange statue welcomes you: this is Peûte-Bête
a ferocious dragon who terrorised the kingdom. ...

... The “Peûte-Bête” fountain, (18th century) the major
curiosity of Aujeurres, has been spitting out water
since the 13th century, like a dragon out of local mythology.
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Extract of the legend:
"... One day, there were less wolves, one did not know initially why,
but soon one realized that there was worse and that a fabulous animal,
come from one does not know where and hitherto invisible, frightened
them themselves. They had been devoured or were flee towards
other climates. Then one trembled more, because one did not know
with which monster one had to make. It howled sometimes in
the wood of Form, sometimes in that of Thin-Fountain, sometimes
to the Average Mount, sometimes in the throats of Vingeanne,
sometimes with the Armet Mount and even with the Valley of
the Expenses... However, the crackings in the forests, howlings
themselves were not the worst. Most alarming was the whirr
heard in the airs because the animal flew as well as it went...
One recognized on pre bones of a calf, a girl was found died on
a path, having undergone all the insults. The animal was avid
of fresh flesh, made its delights of that of the men and even more
that of the women... The insulated farms, the Room, Thuillière,
Servin, Dhuis and the others did not cease fearing it... ".


... St George’s chapel (19th century) ...