Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Auberive Abbey ...

... wash-house on the mill canal
Promenade Entre-Deux-Eaux ...

... Promenade Entre-Deux-Murs ...

... Abbey Square ...

... Old and wealth Cistercian abbey, Auberive was
founded in 1135 on the borders of the Aube
by Saint-Bernard and the bishop of Langres,
Villain d’Aigrement, with the support of
surrounding lords (The Grancey, The Champlitte,
The Rochetaillée and their vassals). The monastery,
particularly prosperous at the 13th century
suffered devastation of the 100 years War,
religion wars at the 16th century,
then of the Thirty Years War (17th century).
The buildings are rebuilt partly at the 17th century
(cloister) to be just finished at the 18th century.
source: tourisme-langres.com