Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brecht - Station Noorderkempen ...

... the Noorderkempen park-and-ride station ...

.... At Brecht to the North of Antwerp, a new halt ,
"Noorderkempen", was
built that should open up
the northern part of the "Kempen" region.

Up to now there were no halts in this area.
The halt and its
new domestic railway line are a spin-off
of the HSL
between Antwerp and the dutch border ...

... shuttle service Antwerp - Luchtbal - Noorderkempen
stopping at the HSL station.
There is a M6 driving coach at each end
and a locomotive in the middle ...

... within the station area the new line has 4 tracks.
The inner tracks are for the actual HSL, whereas
the outer two are reserved for domestic train traffic.
Outside the station area the line consists of only two tracks.

... the temporary building ...

... park and ride facility ...(EN)
... (or incentive parking) ...

... The Indicateur Operations Terminées is a platform signal
to indicate to the driver that the train is ready to leave.
The red light comes on for 7 seconds as a warning,...

... then the six white lights are displayed,
provided the signal for leaving the platform is off.
This signal is popularly called "la marguerite" (the daisy).
source: - belgian signals