Friday, August 7, 2009

Mount Lagazuoi War Cemetery...

... das Travenanzesgebiet - 1:25.000
situation in April 1917 ...

... chapel German-Austrian war cemetery ...

Rhododendrum ferrugineum ... (EN)

EN: alpenrose, snow-rose, or rusty-leaved alpenrose
gewone alpenroos of roestkleurige alpenroos
FR: Rhododendron ferrugineux, Laurier-rose des Alpes,
Rosage, Rose des Alpes.
DE: Rostblättrige Alpenrose, Rostroter Almrausch

La Grande Guerra / The Italian Front 1915-1918 (EN)
presented by the Great War Society
... On 23 May 1915 when the Kingdom of Italy declared war on the
Austro-Hungarian Empire,their opponents set up a line of defense
the Stelvio Pass along the Dolomites to the Carso and the Adriatic sea.

Cortina, which had belonged to Austria since 1511, was abandonded
by the Austrian troops, who strengthened their positions at
the Tre Sassi Fort in the Valparola Pass and on Mount Lagazuoi,

in order to bar access to the Badia and Pusteria valleys,
which were the Italian objectives in this sector ....