Thursday, July 30, 2009

Venice #4

... taking vaporetto line 2, the aim,
the top of San Giorgio Maggiore campanile
to savour the incredible views of Venice
(Michelin ***) ...

The Venice Biennale
53rd International Art Exhibition
Jan Fabre
Arsenale Novissimo, Venice
From the Feet to the Brain ... (EN)
official site of the artist

... State Road n° 11 ...
Il Ponte della Libertà / the Freedom Bridge ... (EN)
... The bridge is the final end of the old public road 11 ...

Ponte della Libertà ... (EN-DE-FR)
Built: 1931-1933 /length: 3 850 m.

... Idyllic view on the industrial area known as
Porto Marghera or Venezia Porto Marghera ...

... Zattere al Ponte Lungo ...

... Zattere Ponte Gesuati ...
The church of i Gesuati, ... (EN)
by ...
also called Santa Maria del Rosario,

is an 18th century church

... The Zattere was built in 1519 and first used as a landing dock
for the delivery of timber used to construct ships and buildings,
which gave the quay the name Zattere, Italian for raft.

The timber gone, the Zattere today is a spacious promenade
that runs along the entire southern shore of Venice’s
Dorsoduro District,
from the Marittima and San Basilio
all the way to the Punta della Dogana.

It is a relatively peaceful promenade, and makes for a nice
break away from the many crowded areas in the city.


... Port of San Giorgio Maggiore ...
... We
finally arrived at San Giorgio Maggiore,
fully 15 minutes after closing time of the campanile ...

San Giorgio Maggiore ... (EN)
... Facing the Bacino di San Marco, the church plays a central role
in the panorama from the Piazetta ...

... to savour the incredible view of St Mark's Square ...

... and the 'watercolour' view of St Mark's Square
from St Giorgio Maggiore ...