Saturday, July 25, 2009

Testa d'Arpi ...

... near Morgex, on the road to Testa d'Arpi ...

Globularia cordifolia ... (EN)
EN: matted Globularia - NL: hartbladige kogelbloem
FR: globulaire à feuilles en cœur
DE: Herzblättrige Kugelblume

... Testa d'Arpi ...

Gentiana verna ... (EN)
A number of superstitions are associated with the Spring Gentian.
For example, it is considered bad luck to bring the gentian
into a house, as the individual would risk being struck
by lightning. Also, folklore suggested that death
would follow if the flower was ever picked.

EN: Spring Gentian - NL: voorjaarsgentiaan
FR:gentiane de printemps De: Frühlings-Enzian

... view on the Mont Blanc ...

Dactylorhiza/orchis sambucina ... (EN)
EN: Elder-flowered orchid - NL:vlierorchis
FR:orchis sureau DE: Holunder-Knabenkraut