Friday, July 24, 2009

Little St Bernard Pass ...

... Saint Bernard of Menthon (Bernard of Montjoux) ...

"There are some places where the spirit just flow"
at an altitude of 2188 m between Tarentaise and Val d'Aoste,
the Col of Petit St Bernard has seen some glorious times ...
source: infoboard

... For the convenience and protection of travelers
St. Bernard founded a monastery and hospice
at the highest point of the pass, 2469 meter
above sea-level, in the year 962, whence the pass
came to bear his name.
A few years later he established another hospice
on the Little St. Bernard Pass, a mountain saddle
in the Graian Alps, 2188 meter above sea-level.
Both were placed in charge of Augustinian monks
after pontifical approval had been obtained
by Bernard during a visit to Rome ...
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Little St Bernard Pass ... (EN)
French: Col du Petit Saint-Bernard