Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chaponost ...

... The roman aquaduct of the Gier river runs through
Chaponost for more than 6 km.
The Plat de l'Air section over m long, with 92 arches.
The largest arches are 10 m high and 4.5 m wide ...
source: infoboard

"the oldest collective adduction seems to be that of Jerusalem;
it probably dates from - XIe century.

Assyriens, Greeks, then Etrusques had preceded the Romans
in the study and the development by the hydraulic systems "
(Jacques Bonin, water in antiquity;
hydraulics before our era; éd. Eyrolles, 1984).

source: traianvs.net

Gier Aqueduct, Chaponost ... (EN-FR-DE)
by en.structurae.de
... is a work of approximately 86 kilometers length
by including there the skirting of the valley of Chagnon...