Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ronquières ...

The canal bridge
290 m. long and supported by 70 columns,
2 m. in diametre, it overlooks the ground over 25 m.
It is the waiting harbour upstream of the inclined page.
Upstream of Ronquières is the highest head-bay
in Belgium, i.e. 121 m above sea-level
source: info board

The sloping lock
1432 m. in length and with a 5% in gradient,
it compensates for a level difference of 68 m.
At the start of the upstream (at the great tower),
two 400 m-long overhead hoppers made of
reinforced concrete rise from the ground.
Where the sloping lock is directly in contact
with the rock, the digging of its bed required
the displacement of 4,200,000 m³ of waste.
A large part of the waste was used as
backfill upstream of the canal bridge
source: info board

... There are "railway" type rails on the gradient ...
source: info board

... the overhead hopper (5,000 à 5,700 t) ...

The hydro-electric power station
The Brussels-Charleroi canal is fed for
the most part by pumping in the Sambre
river but also by other smaller streams.
As the sloping lock constitutes a definite break
in the canal, a pipe with a diametre of 2,5 m.
(a part of which is visible on the left bank)
allows the water to join the barges so as
to continue swaying them along to Brussels.
This water passes through two 1,200 kva
turbo-alternators and in this way
electricity is produced
source: info board

Inclined slope at Ronquières/
Plan incliné de Ronquières (EN-FR-DE)
... Lift lock - built: 1962-1968