Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Neeltje Jans ...

... floods in the Netherlands ...

The construction of the Delta Works
was in response
to the North Sea Flood of 1953.
by en.wikipedia.org
A combination of a high spring tide and a severe
European windstorm caused a storm tide.
In combination with a tidal surge of the North Sea
the water level locally exceeded 5.6 m. above mean sea level.
The flood and waves overwhelmed sea defences
and caused extensive flooding.

... the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier Neeltje Jans ...

The Oosterschelde storm surge barrier ... (EN-NL-DE)
by deltawerken.com
official site Deltawerken online

... At the artificial island Neeltje Jans, at one end of the barrier,
a plaque is installed with the words:
"Hier gaan over het tij, de wind, de maan en wij"

("Here the tide is ruled, by the wind, the moon and us (the Dutch)").
source: en.wikipedia.org