Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hasselt Balloon Flash Mob ...

... green balloons reflecting ....

... the St Quintinus cathedral ...

.. Hugo, 'Hendrik and Katrien' and the others ...

''Luisteren naar de beiaard" (1989)
by Marc Cox
Officially, it is called 'Listening to the carillon'
and symbolizes
Hasselt's youth
looking at the future
but locals call it
'Hendrik and Katrien' ...

... Balloon, magnificent balloon,
go up and above in the sky ...

... OMG a light breeze is blowing
the balloons to the crane !

2007 World Wide Flash Mob Promo Video
by icenrye - youtube 1:18

... a flash mob is a large group of people
who assemble suddenly in a public place,
do something unusual for a brief period of time.
Then quickly disperse!!!
Brings together people for a fun and unique event ...