Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Plombières / Bleyberg

... the ancient Pb-Zn mining area of Plombières ...

... the former zinc and lead mining area area of Plombières.
The last mines have closed early in the 20th century.
One of the reasons for giving up mining activities
in Plombières was the occasional flooding of the mine
by the river Geul, as the bedrock contains many faults
and fissures. Although the mine factory buildings have
been demolished, old railway dikes are still abundantly
present in the area. These provide ideal hiking routes,
famous for the presence of the so-called "zinc flora"
(including zinc-tolerant plants such as the yellow
calamine violet, Viola calaminaria)...

spoorlijn 39 ... (NL)
Welkenraedt - Montzen.
... Tot 1952 liep de lijn via Plombières naar Gemmenich,
waar een aansluiting was op spoorlijn 24 naar Aken ...