Saturday, February 28, 2009

Heide ...

... Station Heide is located on railway line 12
Antwerp – Rosendaal ...

Station Heide ... (NL)
... gelegen aan spoorlijn 12 Antwerpen - Rosendaal

... ad for museum Spike and Suzy - Kalmthout ...

NL: Suske en Wiske
EN-UK: Spike and Suzy
EN-USA: Willy & Wanda
... It was first published in De Nieuwe Standaard
in 1945 and soon became popular....

comic creator : Willy Vandersteen (EN)
15/2/1913 - 28/8/1990, Belgium
by comiclopedia
... He became a window-designer for Antwerp's
Innovation warehouse. It was there in 1939
that he was first introduced to comics,
when his boss handed him an American fashion
magazine which featured a fascinating article
on 'Comics in your Life'. After that,
Willy Vandersteen was determined:
he wanted to make comics....

... monument in front of the station ...

... In remembrance of the heroic battle
in october/november 1944
of the 2nd Canadian Infantery division,
the 4th Canadian armoured division ...

... In remembrance of the gallant allied forces
who successfully manned the anti-aircraft guns
against the german V-1's aimed at the port of
Antwerp between october 1944 and april 1945 ...