Sunday, August 17, 2008

Somewhere between Sambre and Meuse ...

Cedar (EN) (1905)
... most famously used in the construction of
King Solomon's temple
in Jerusalem
provided by King Hiram, or Ahiram,

of Tyre, Lebanon, circa 1000 BC...

Lotus corniculatus subsp. Corniculatus
(EN also NL-FR-DE)
EN: common bird's-foot trefoil - NL: gewone rolklaver
FR: lotier corniculé, pied-de-poule - DE Gemeine Hornklee

... near Walcourt ...

Matricaria recutita / Matricaria chamomilla
(EN also NL-FR-DE)
EN: wild chamomille - NL: echte kamille
FR: matricaire camomille, petite camomille
- DE: Echte Kamille