Thursday, August 14, 2008

Marble Quarry of Beauchâteau ...

25 m high - Frasnian coral fossil reef

Late Devonian extinction (EN)
... The fossil reefs of the Frasnian were dominated
by stromatolites and (to a lesser degree)
corals - organisms
which only thrive in low nutrient conditions ...

Red Marble Quarry Beauchâteau
This abandoned marble quarry is the most spectacular outcrop
of a Late Frasnian carbonate mound in Belgium.
The mound is standing in subhorizontal position and large sawn
sections expose facies ranging from the middle part of the mound
to its top. The upper central panel shows interfingering
between grey massive microbial facies and pink bedded
bioclastic flank sediments. Dipping of mound flanks
is partly the result of differential compaction:
sedimentary slopes rarely exceed 30°.
The left part of the quarry
shows crinoid-rich argillaceous flank sediments.

Source: Frasnian mudmounds from Belgium

La carrière du Beauchâteau : site classé.
Mur vertical de marbre rouge de 25 m de hauteur.
Variété : Rouge Royal Poitié.
Forme du dôme typique apparente.
Technique d'exploitation visible : puits cylindrique, carottes;
ici, eurent lieu en 1874 les premiers essais d'utilisation
du fil hélicoïdal.
Source: l’Entité de Cerfontaine