Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brussels City ...

Federal Parlaiment
(EN also NL-FR-DE-ES-IT)
... Built in 1783, according to the plans of French architect
Barnabé Guimard for the Sovereign Council of Brabant.
Headquarters of the Chamber of Representatives
and the Senate since 1830 ...

... frogs in the park ...

Puppetshow in the park ...
(EN also NL-FR-DE-ES-IT)
Guignol au goûter
JanKlaassen op het vieruurtje
... Come and admire this new puppet theatre season !

Royal Palace
(EN also NL-FR-DE-ES-IT)
… commissioned by Leopold II and completed in 1865 ...

Hotel Altenloh - architect: Alphonse Balat
neoclassical building
A new museum dedicated to Belgian Surrealist master
René Magritte is scheduled to open on June 9, 2009.
The building is covered by a giant tarpaulin
bearing the well-known Magritte work
Empire of Light

L’empire des lumières (1953-1954)

Empire of Light by René Magritte

Old England - Musical instruments museum
(EN also NL-FR-DE-ES-IT)

...From the time the luxurious Old England shops opened, at
the end of the 19th century, they acquired a strong reputation

thanks to their very particular building...

... the palace of Charles of Lorraine, governor general
of the Austrian Netherlands from 1744 to 1780 ...
(EN also NL-FR-DE-ES-IT)
.. the museum of the 18th century…

Church of Notre-Dame du Sablon
(EN also NL-FR-DE-ES-IT)
... In 1304 a small chapel was built by the city's
crossbowmen on the then empty square ...

Petit Sablon Square
(EN also NL-FR-DE-ES-IT)

... This park begins at the Gothic columns at the enclosure
of the square, joined by a superb wrought iron gate ...

... the authentic 16th century St James's alley ...
Sint Jakobsgang / Impasse Saint-Jacques ...

Biscuiterie Dandoy
... In 1829, Jean-Baptist Dandoy a Young bakers craftsman
whose brother was burgomaster of Uccle,
set up the biscuit firm which still carries his name ...

Manneken Pis ... (EN)
... Flemish for little man pee
also known as
the "Ketje de Bruxelles", the "little boy of Brussels"
is one of the city's most cherished figures.
In French known as the Petit Julien ...

... Kodak, souvenir gifts, Brussels lace and
the Brussels waffle topped with chantilly and fruit ...

... Restaurant with a view on
Martelaarsplein/Place des Martyrs

The square, encircled by buildings dating from 1775, has in
its center a monument to the martyrs of the 1830 rebellion.
Behind one of the fine facades
is the headquarters of the Flemish government.

... distant view of the Atomium reflecting
the warm, golden light of the late afternoon ...