Thursday, July 31, 2008


Eastern Byzantine church
the monastery of Chevetogne ...
(EN also NL-FR-DE)
...was founded in 1925 by Dom Lambert Beauduin (1873-1960)...
... The monks are liturgically organized in two groups,
one celebrating according to the Western tradition,
the other according to the Eastern Byzantine tradition...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Toothache Nail Tree ...

Farm in restauration - Jassogne

Toothache Nail Tree
Old limetree near the farm, circumference + 4m
Walloon folk cure for toothache
A curer would touch the aching tooth with a coffin’s nail
then at midnight the person with the toothache
hammered the nail into the tree.
The deeper the nail was hammered into tree,
the more the aching tooth would be cured.

Arbre à clous
Avec un tronc de plus de 4m de circonférence
et son allure torturée,ce vétéran a du avoir
une bien longue et tumultueuse histoire.
Le tronc est percé de nombreux clous,
certains anciens,d'autres définitivement récents.

"un des remèdes wallons les plus usités
contre le mal de dents
consiste à faire toucher la dent
du malade par un guérisseur avec un clou de cercueil,
puis aller ficher à minuit ce clou dans un arbre.

Le mal doit disparaitre au fur et à mesure
que le clou s'enfonce
Source: Bulletin du Folklore Wallon (vol 1. p. 250)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Centaurium erythraea

Centaurium erythraea
(EN also NL-FR-DE)
EN: common centaury –
NL: echt duizendguldenkruid -

FR: érythrée petite centaurée –
DE: Echtes Tausendg

Monday, July 28, 2008


Kasteel Steenhuize (NL)
... De Heren van Steenhuyse hebben steeds
tot de hoogste adellijke kringen behoord.
De oudste waarvan een geschreven bron gewag maakt

is Amelricus in 1155 ...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pamel (Roosdaal)

Sint Gaugericus church
built in Gothic Revival style in 1903

St Gaugericus kerk ... (NL)
...werd op 8 september 1921 plechtig ingewijd
door Zijne Eminentie Kardinaal Mercier...

... as the church was closed,
I took the picture of the interior
through the stained glass in the door ...

... geese on the Dender river...

... near the Okegem bridge ...

hiking : Dikke van Pamel wandeling
regional legend and folklore:
about the "Fat Man" of Pamel (EN)
by confusedcontrarian
... Victor De Clerck was born at Pamel on June 14 1848 ...

biking: Dender-Waaslandroute (NL)
... LF 38 - 96 km. Ze loopt van De Klinge tot Geraardsbergen
Deze route loopt gedeeltelijk over Teralfene langs de Dender...

Schiptrekkersroute ... (NL)
... voert ons langsheen de kronkelende Dender ...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gooik - Strijland

Woestijnkapel ... - 1653 (NL)
... is gelegen op de voormalige bedevaartsroute van Compostella ...

hiking: woestijnwandeling - Dender-Lombeek
biking: valleitjesroute - Groene Koepel route

Friday, July 25, 2008


early Gothic Our Lady of Lombeek church
13th / 14th century ...
click on photo to enlarge (NL) text ...

Restaurant De Kroon - 1760 .... (NL)
... was an authentic Inn in 1760 for
travelers, horses and crew of the mal-coaches
from Brussels to Geraardsbergen up to France.
Zaal De Filosoof, then horse stables,
refurbished into a party reception hall

Hertboom mill - 1723/1727
(NL click EN and many other languages)

... A levy and tax book of Pamel dated 1391
provides the oldest written
for the existence of a windmill at the present mill site.

The present mill dates back to 1723/1727...

Hertboommolen (NL)
... Deze landelijk gelegen standerdmolen staat al vermeld
in een cijnsboek uit 1391 onder de benaming Hertboommolen...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Garden #23 ...

... orchard with 2 chickens ...

... poultry house - pigeon house - garden ...

... the same pigeon house
- view from the kitchen garden ...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Station Sint-Genesius-Rode (NL)
... is een spoorwegstation langs spoorlijn 124 (Brussel-Charleroi)
in de gemeente Sint-Genesius-Rode ...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lazy Sunday Afternoon ...

...taking a stroll along the antitank canal ...
… (or ditch) was designed to strengthen six of the forts
by connecting them with a modern moat
that would be capable of stopping tanks.

... another blockhouse, remainder of World War I ...

... your own golf course...

... coffee and pastry, anyone? ...

Coffee Klatsch (EN)
We've got the recipes for coffee
whether you want a plain cup of joe or an iced mocha smoothie--
and an array of tempting pastries ...

...lazy sunday afternoon ...