Sunday, June 29, 2008

St Felix Warehouse

... Willem Dock marina ...

... the façade of the building is 57 metres long,
it is 78 metres deep and it covers an area of 3,870 m
It provides 23,081 m² of usable storage space ...
... Hermes - the Greek God of trade ...

... the crane was driven by water-power ...

... the first warehouse in Antwerp
to be fitted with cast iron columns ...

The St. Felix Warehouse (1985)...

... is the most important example of a 19th century warehouse.
Built for the ‘Compagnie des Magasins généraux et Entrepots libre’.
The building consisted of seven storeys (including cellar and loft)
and was the first warehouse in Antwerp to be fitted with
cast iron columns and a good fire protection system.

Between 1922 and 1940 the St Felix was used for storing coffee,
hops and grain. After World War II Parmesan cheese, wine, honey,
painted glassware and shoes were stored here.
Later on
the City of Antwerp let the whole complex
to the Tabak Natie,
which used it for storing tobacco.

The building will not only house the new City Archives
but will also be a literary centre hosting organisations
such as and the Belgian fund for literature.
There’ll also be writers’ cafés and bookshops selling
everything from the contemporary to the rare and antique.
The city council, together with renowned designer Jan Hoet junior
(son of the Belgian art connoisseur), eschewed traditional shops
and opted for ‘shop containers’ on wheels,
which allow the interior to change constantly.
The warehouse’s basement leads up to the Willem Dock,
making it an ideal place for an outdoor café
where you can enjoy a quiet drink.
The shopping centre will also function as a covered passageway
connecting the old city-centre of Antwerp to Het Eilandje,
Willem Dock marina, the Museum aan de Stroom
(Museum on the River) and the Red Star Memorial.
Culture on het 'Eilandje"
source: bthere brussels airlines

Het Sint Felixpakhuis als monument (NL)
Het Sint-Felixpakhuis werd in 1859 gebouwd
naar een ontwerp
van de Brusselse architect Felix Pauwels....