Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Memorial of Verdun ...

American field-wagon used for
the maintenance and repairs of the road
during the victorious offensive
of the French and American forces
in Meuse-Argonne from
September 26 to November 9, 1918

French 155 L. de Bange - MI. 1877
weight with carterpillar: 6 T
ordinary shell: 40 to 43 kg
max. range: 12 km
used in Verdun as fortification artillery

German 17 cm 'minenwerfer'
buried in the clay during the fierce battle
given for Hill 304 in 1916.
Saved with the help of
l'Office National des Forêts in 1976

The Morial de Verdun is build at the place
where once the railway station of Fleury stood.

The Verdun Memorial, also called
the Musee Memorial de Fleury, recreates the battles
that took place in this area.
Images of the battlefield, as well as photos,
documents and artifacts are available for viewing.

Le Mémorial de Verdun (FR-EN-DE)
Au cœur des collines de Verdun
encore ravagées par les millions d'obus
qui ont causé la mort de 300 000 personnes
et fait 400 000 blessés en moins d'un an,
le Mémorial de Verdun rassemble les vestiges
de la plus célèbre bataille de la première guerre mondiale.