Saturday, May 17, 2008

Site of V1 at Le Val Ygot

reception hangar for the V1

shelter for stock ski-shaped

amagnetic building

a replica of a V1 flying bomb on its launch pad

sculptor Jean-Marc de Pas (FR - EN)
official homepage

Close by Ardouval, in the forest 'Eawy' is the site “Val Ygot”

an original site of the World War II V1 rocket launching pads.
Here you can walk around free of charge,
read all about the rockets and the life of the German soldiers
on large display boards written in English and French.

Le site V1 d'Ardouval (FR)
Association de Sauvegarde
du Site de V1 du Val Ygot
Ce site qui est situé dans le département de la Seine-Maritime
fait partie de la première génération des rampes lourdes
plus communément connues sous le nom de "ski-sites"