Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Domain of Parc Abbey

Hiking in the Domain of Parc Abbey

the Millbrook / Molenbeek

Prunus spinosa
(EN also NL-FR-DE)

EN: sloe - NL: sleedoorn
FR: prunellier, épine noire - DE Schlehdorn

The engraving depicts the situation in 1726
when the abbey was being constructed.
The gatehouses and the prelate's residence had been renewed,
the construction of the church tower was started in 1728.
A few craft buildings have in the meantime disappeared.
Basically, the Parc Abbey looks the same now as it did then
source: backside info

Abdij van 't Park (NL)
...werd in 1129 op initiatief van Godfried I met de Baard,
graaf van Leuven en hertog van Neder-Lotharingen, gesticht...