Friday, February 1, 2008

Paper Money & Coins #1

Ch'ien Lung T'ung Pao
Emperor Kao Tsung Current Coin
1735AD - 1796AD
Qing Dynasty

"BOO, CIOWAN" Peking
(Board of Revenue mint).
The manchurian mint name translates to Pao-Ch'uan,
or "The Fountain head of the Currency".

Bought this souvenir in 1980 near the Great Wall -
Badaling Gate in Peking

Ch'ien Lung T'ung Pao
by ykleugn
The most common copper cash in Chinese Coinage

National Anthem of the Qing Empire
from ganshenme - 01:00
The first official anthem of China,
Gong Jin'ou (Cup of Solid Gold).

The anthem was adopted between 1911 - 1912.
It was abolished when Qing Empire fell.
Chinese lyrics and English translation