Friday, January 4, 2008


Station Sourbrodt

Stellwerk Weywertz

Stop Sign
S: siffler (FR) - F: fluiten (NL) = whistle
0,5: drive 5 km/hr at roadcrossing

Station Robertville

The Vennbahn: Belgium’s railway through Germany (EN)
A strange situation: As a result of the Treaty of Versailles,
the part from
Raeren to Kalterherberg was defined as
Belgium territory,although it runs
nearly completely through Germany.

From 1885 until 2003, "Die Vennbahn" served as an ever changing
military,civil or touristical/historical railway.
The most recent use has been as a touristical line
with historical locomotives.
At the end of 2003, the line has been closed down,
due to a political decision, not to provide the money
for necessary maintenance.
This still hurts ...

Vennbahn (EN)
by Jan Krogh
German exclaves in Belgium

«Vennbahn Online» (DE-FR)
by Ehemaliger Heimatbahnhof des Vennbahn V.o.E
Am 8 November 2003 wurden die beiden letzten Züge aus dem Bahnhof Raeren abgefahren.