Friday, January 25, 2008

La Croix de Hesbaye...

(Former) Station of Eghezée
Lijn 142 - Namur-Ramillies-Tienen (NL)
by Paul Kevers
In 1962, the former railway line 142 Namur-Tienen,
built in 1880, is replaced by a bus service

(Former) Station of Ramillies,
now a Supermarket

(Former) Station of Noville-Tavier
Lijn 143 - Noville-Taviers - Ambresin (NL)
by Paul Kevers
Former Railway Line 143

vintage direction-post
Noville Station - Perwez - Aische

(Former) Station of Perwez
Lijn 147 - Landen-Tamines/Auvelais (NL)
by Paul Kevers
Former Railway Line 147 section Gembloux - Ramillies - Landen

The "Hesbaye Cross" or "La Croix de Hesbaye"
is the name of the two old railtracks

which crossed Hesbaye in the past,
from Jodoigne to Namur (line 142)
and from Landen to Tamines (line 147).
These lines crossed each other in Ramillies station.
They are now converted into RAVeL’s.

Walking & Cycling RAVeL
The RAVeL routes are old canal embankments
and abandoned railway tracks resurfaced
(with a smooth material) for the exclusive use
of hikers, cyclists and horse riders.