Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Thomas Bonehill, esq. 1796-1858
Engineer - Constructor

Travelling through Bohemia,
Thomas Bonehill was enchanted by a Mansion

and built an exact copy of the 'Château' in Hourpes

le coron, lieu de vie...
the factory and the old miners' row of houses
got abandoned in 1927,
people still live in the former miners' houses

La Sambre
Station of Hourpes

line 130A (EN-NL-FR)
Charleroi Sud - Erquelinnes
by Belgian Railways
Data & Description

the Nature takes back its rights...

Tremella mesenterica (EN)
by mushroom - Michael Kuo
Nothing is better, slopped over a nice slice of ram's bladder,
garnished with shavings of bat wings, than Tremella mesenterica-
-if you're a witch.

EN: Witch's Butter, Yellow Brain Fungus, golden jelly fungus
NL: gele trilzwam - FR: La trémelle mésentérique
DE: Goldgelber Zitterling

Hourpes (FR) + pics old postcards

Blast furnaces in Hourpes (sur Sambre) - (pic),
near Charleroi + detail
plate 99 of the work
“Industrial Belgium: views of industrial businesses in Belgium”