Saturday, January 12, 2008

City Festival Hall...

... Stadsfeestzaal Shopping

Urban Outfitters Interieur:
Mix van belle époque en bouwwerfstijl

Vernieuwde Oude Stadsfeestzaal van Antwerpen
from: awesome9d - video 00:44
Urban Outfitters

‘Stadsfeestzaal’ (EN)
by kristiaan van ermengem - a view on
Stadsfeestzaal (City Festival Hall)
is an historical monument
- an imposing 19th century neoclassical building -
situated between Hopland, with its wide range of luxurious shops,
and Meir, Antwerp’s most popular shopping street

Stadsfeestzaal shopping (NL)
by become trendy ‘shopping hot spot’

Opening Ceremony - 25 oktober 2007
by John Moussiaux -
Exclusive Photo Shoots