Thursday, October 11, 2007


Phalacrocorax carbo
EN: great cormorant - NL: aalscholver, scholver, scholverd,
schollevaar - FR:
grand cormoran - DE: Kormoran

Lycoperdon perlatum
EN: common puffball - NL: parelstuifzwam
FR: vesse-de-loup perlée - DE: Flaschenstäubling

Ardea Cinerea
EN: grey heron - NL: blauwe reiger
FR: héron cendré - DE: Graureiher

... in and around Fort V (Recreation Park)
This fort was one of the forts of the defense circle
around Antwerp (originally against a possible Dutch invasion).

Simon Stevinstichting (EN-NL-FR)
The Simon Stevinstichting has the objective to promote the study,
the conservation c.q. the restoration of fortifications
(old, out of military use),as memorials of history
and as monument of nature